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In college Nadine studied photography with an emphasis on her passion for photographing musicians. After her internship with Turner Broadcasting, she got married, and a few years later welcomed the birth of her daughter, Eliza. Her dreams became less of a focus.  Shortly after, she discovered that her child had a puzzling, recurring illness and Nadine was no longer able to work full-time. Still wanting to find purpose and a way to reach people with the life giving message of Jesus Christ, she became inspired by Psalm 107. From the story of the merchants at sea, Waves of the Sea was created. The story accounts, calling out to the Lord in a time of trouble and how He calmed the storm and led them to their desired haven.

23 Some went out on the sea in ships;

   they were merchants on the mighty waters.

24 They saw the works of the Lord,

   his wonderful deeds in the deep.

For he spoke and stirred up a tempest

   that lifted high the waves.

26 They mounted up to the heavens and went down to the depths;

   in their peril their courage melted away.

27 They reeled and staggered like drunkards;

   they were at their wits’ end.

28 Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,

   and he brought them out of their distress.

29 He stilled the storm to a whisper;

   the waves of the sea were hushed.

30 They were glad when it grew calm,

   and he guided them to their desired haven.

Waves of the Sea Blog
Waves of the Sea | wavesofthesea.com

Anything in our lives that causes us distress can be considered “waves of the sea.” Just as the merchants called out to God in this story and He stilled the storm to a whisper, He calms the waves in our lives too. But we must keep our focus on Him.

1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

   his love endures forever.

2 Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story—

   those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,

This is the purpose of the Waves of the Sea blog, to “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.” We promise you will hear unique, inspiring and real life accounts of the goodness of God’s love to those willing to call out to Him.

Psalm: 107:15 Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love

   and his wonderful deeds for mankind,

43 Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.

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