Though The Letter Black has years of history in the music industry, they have been reawakened into what feels like a new band. With their new album Pain, Mark Anthony stated, “I feel we have successfully delivered the most honest and true music in the band’s history.”

What does this new and honest record look like for it’s fans? It allows the listener to dive into aggressive affliction, relieving hope, and take a journey into the internal psyche of The Letter Black. The genuine pain life brings is a center focus, but they have found it important to remind us that there is hope, a way to survive and take the pain away.

Sarah Anthony depicts these themes while demonstrating the wide range she can achieve vocally and emotionally. When mixed with the creativity and skill Mark brings instrumentally, we are given a masterfully created album of crushing, beautiful metal music that makes you feel the passion, pain or hope behind each note.

Combining these members’ strong Christian faith and being inspired by bands like Korn, Rob Zombie and Nine Inch Nails, we are offered a combination that brings a unique genre with an “extraordinary lack of a Christian alternatives” as Sarah pointed out.

The very focus of this record is clear and alludes back to the title: Pain. “We have always felt that it was very important to discuss real life issues. Life isn’t always easy.” Sarah stated. Songs like The Last Day That I Cared, Pain and Breathe deliver this point strongly with crushing guitar riffs that show inspiration from bands like Disturbed and heart-wrenching melodies similar to the band’s early days.

Even while having the central theme about life’s struggles, Sarah made it clear that “it’s important for us to show how we got out of our bad situations and to give people the same hope we have.”

In between pain and having victory is a battle. Internal struggles are showcased in songs like Kill the Devil Inside of Me and Rise From the Dead.

The only real way to get out of your pain, as their song Alive reflects on, is God. “We realized that we needed God’s strength and God’s help to bring us back to life.” Sarah stated. Each band member has been through their own moments in which they had turned from God or didn’t know God. Distress and the pain of life would continually remind them of the weakness and misery of living a life on their own.

Sarah continued to explain that “You can stay where you are and try to do it on your own, which we all know is impossible, or you can let go of control and trust God. The Bible is full of God’s promises to you. He never said bad things wouldn’t happen to you because we do live in an imperfect world, but He did say He would never leave you. He will always love. He will always be there for you to strengthen you and give you hope and a future. You just have to trust Him.”

Check out the new album Pain now!!

This article was written by Nadine Gillespie and edited by Asha Schein

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