“Out of all the pain and devastation, I really found hope and the Way in life and a real relationship with Yeshua.” – Toddefunk!

ToddeFunk! by Waves of the Sea

In my experience speaking with most people who have a relationship with Jesus, there seems to be an underlying theme. Something brings them to a “rock bottom moment.”  In the midst of hardship and trials, when they focus on God, He comes through and strengthens them. In turn, this makes the believer want to share their freedom and hope with others.

Toddefunk! is most known for his funky, bass playing, Jesus music. As a long running and accomplished musician he has played alongside TobyMac for over sixteen years, fronted the band Electric Church and is now pursuing his own music. Even in the middle of a successful music career, Toddefunk! tells us that he would “never lose sight of the Creator and his essential source of truth.”  To reach this perspective, he found his rock bottom and had a “sobering reflection” into his life. In the midst of this he found Hope. He found the Way. He found the true God of the universe and believes in creating his life as a “living sacrifice to Him.”

“I was living according to my own mandate, just coasting through life. Whatever belief I had was good enough and I didn’t need anymore than that,” Toddefunk! said.

Looking back on his life, even as a professing Christian, everything looked good. He had the house, the family and led a comfortable existence. That was until crisis hit his front door. “Separation from my former wife and children and an emanate divorce caused me to start rethinking everything I knew because I could finally see I was just going through the motions, up until that point.”

In these moments he saw his imperfections, took on responsibility and began truly searching the scriptures to know how the Lord wanted him to live instead of living by his own will.

Toddefunk! went on to say, “I want to be more obedient to His word. I’m not concerned about how the world is trying to fit in.” Even as “Christianity” has been molded and sometimes warped he wants to be careful to live his life according to God’s will. “As Christianity tries to conform to the world it sets a false representation,” he added.

In the time I was able to spend with Toddefunk!, I can honestly say he doesn’t just say these things lightly. He strives daily to be a “living sacrifice” and continue to be the Lord’s representation here on this earth. He told us, “I’m a role model whether I like it or not, just because of the position I hold. This comes with a responsibility.”

ToddeFunk! by Waves of the Sea

He takes the time to encourage children who look up to him to continue on a straight path in life, inspires them to learn that skill they want or simply makes small talk with anyone because it brightens their day.

Because the world is in a place of looking for answers,  “My charge to believers is to stand up and do the hard things,” ToddeFunk! stated. Just as he has found enlightenment, he encourages others to look at what the stumbling block is in their life and how they could strengthen their witness to others. He encourages people to study and research the Bible for themselves and learn how God would want them to live. As we become who we are called to be we can help and encourage others to find the same hope and freedom we have found.

Just as our human existence and perspective shifts as we submit to God, Toddefunk! explains though his music he will elaborate on real things with a silver lining, it will also “always have the perspective of a disciple of Jesus.”

“I believe there is still room in our Christian music industry to grow stylistically. I didn’t want to conform to a particular sound just to follow the crowd. The Bible says we are made in His image and wonderfully and fearfully made. Our music should reflect the diversity God has made us.” Toddefunk! stated.

ToddeFunk! by Waves of the Sea

Just like other areas of his life, ToddeFunk! delivers exactly what he intends with his music and his latest song, New City. This song is a celebration of the afterlife for believers. It has that funky twist only he can bring. Being inspired by Prince’s song 1999, he saw this was a celebration, but without hope at the end. He wanted to present the message of eternal salvation and the living in a New Jerusalem as the hope we have as believers. “We have the ultimate reason to party” he said “because we will awaken to live a life with our King. We cannot fathom how awesome it will be.” 

ToddeFunk! by Waves of the Sea

As hard as Toddefunk!’s trials may have been, he admits “it was the best thing that could have happened to me because it woke me up.” He now has a real relationship with Yeshua {Jesus} and with his music he intends to help all those that hear it to take a deeper look into their lives, so that they may not have to have such trails to come to the same realization.

This article was written and photographed by Nadine Gillespie and edited by Lindsay Morgan Snyder

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