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“Through the greatest trial and tribulation, there is hope on the other side. We were reminded that God’s word does not return void. That the call to spread Christ’s message of love and salvation does not end with a period, but charges onward to the greatest mountains and through the darkest seas.” – As We Ascend

After watching their “dreams float away in a wasteland of smoldering ash” the members of As We Ascend have pushed past tribulation and created a faith-inspired, brutally honest, rock album in the wake of their previous band’s dissolve. Farewell to Midnight elaborates on a healing process with a light on the other side and speaks truth into the “human experience.” Besides the relatable content spoken, this band brings a high level of ability and expertise. They have carefully crafted each song musically to add breath and soul to their lyrics.

Starting with the fist-pumping song Hatchet, we are able to relate to the honest anger and vulnerability of feeling betrayed. Tracks like Expendable, Tell Me and Insulate seem to tell a story of how their original band had fallen apart allowing us to access to their hurt, pain and sadness.

Even though they may have been ready to give up, End Of Me (feat. Zach Myers of Shinedown), brings around that they will never surrender to the temptation to quit just because it’s easier. They will press on with the mission at hand.

We Fight delivers an illustration of the grieving process by showing the stronger side of healing. They sing “We fight for the sins of our fathers, this war is not for the faint of heart. We take up arms in the name of, the one who was there from the very start. We fight for our sons and our daughters. This battle will rage on into the night. We are the bruised, but not broken. We will not give up till we’ve won the fight.”

At My Door  (feat. Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down) concludes their album with singing about “the hope I have when death comes knocking at my door.” This is the real light at the other side of trial and tribulation, when Jesus comes for us and anything we have gone through was not in vain.

I would not necessarily label As We Ascend as a Christian band, but as Christians that are using rock music to reach people. We believe this is an important mission field and you won’t be disappointed by this album! They have created a dialogue and an intimate testimony of relatable human experiences in such a way can appeal to the lost and open doors to those who may be unreachable by any other means. 

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