As a long time fan of Flyleaf, I was especially excited for the release of Kat & Jared’s EP. Though much different than Jared’s former rock band, the musical influences still seem to shine through in this duo’s indie/worship style of music. When you add Kat’s unique and reverent delivery, you are taken by the hand into the presence of Jesus. Our favorite part about the music they have created, is that it doesn’t matter what your style of worship may be. These songs fit in a large church setting or alone in a dark room.

Kat & Jared Music

Kat has described their music as, “anthems of hope and joy in the midst of uncertainty.” In the lyrics you hear the goodness of God’s love for us. “God brings life into everything. That’s what he’s done for us,” Kat explained.

They have been through their share of seasons learning arduous lessons, to now proudly proclaim God’s goodness in the midst of hardships. In only one example, three weeks after the birth of their baby boy, they nearly lost him due to a sudden aggressive viremia.

We were stretched in just about every area of our faith and faced with the question, What do we really believe about who God is and who He says we are?”

After battling with all the fear, anxiety and confusion that came with this and other life-changing events, they drew closer to God and had victory! Choosing to trust the Lord, love him despite circumstances, and magnify Him instead of our problems was the key to the freedom Kat & Jared declare behind each song.

When we choose to focus on God, to remind ourselves of His nature, to praise Him for His goodness despite what we see or feel, it actually releases His will into our lives. It brings us peace and joy because those are a part of His nature.  But it is a choice.”

Writing these songs is a way to help others know that love, joy, hope and peace are there for our taking if we keep our focus on Jesus! They have created a time of reflection on God’s faithfulness because this power has changed their lives and they want it to change yours. 

To Purchase their new CD please go here: Kat&Jared

Photography by Lucy Soerens

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